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Leather Notebooks & Diaries

Leather Notebooks & Diaries

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Explore our collection of journal notebooks featuring elegant leather covers. These notebooks are the ideal gift for various occasions, bringing a touch of "Game of Thrones" enchantment to your shop. They come adorned with intricate details such as buckles, metal clasps, wrap-around thongs, and deliberately singed edges (refer to No.06). Each notebook boasts a unique style and serves a specific purpose. For instance, we offer a world map design tailored for travel journal enthusiasts. These versatile books can be used as notebooks, diaries, or sketchbooks.

✔ A popular choice for coming-of-age gifts 

✔ Designed for eye-catching in-store displays, ensuring swift sales 

✔ Each large book contains 200 pages and is crafted using eco-friendly paper 

✔ Discover our range of mini books displayed on stands, perfect for jotting down passwords 

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