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Healing Incense Powder

Healing Incense Powder

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Indulge in the wholesomeness of our Healing Incense Powders. Carefully curated blends of aromatic ingredients promote well-being and balance. Made by the three wise incense men of Ubud.

Perfect for meditation, relaxation, energy cleansing, or simply enjoying the captivating fragrance. Prepare a heat-resistant incense burner or designated holder, fill the mould with incense powder, and gently remove it to place on the plate. Ignite the powder, let it catch fire briefly, and then blow it out, allowing the aromatic smoke to fill your space. You may also like

Incense Powder Mould Set and Healing Incense Plate.

Made with a blend of Kayu powder and over thirty natural herbs and local aromatics from a recipe passed down and refined over generations. Each batch of incense is prepared blended and * mixed only after making ceremonial. offerings to the Gods.

Embrace the tranquillity and elevate your holistic well-being practices with our Healing Incense Powders. Order now

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