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Aromatherapy Set: Bath Bomb, Himalayan Bath Salt and Flowers

Aromatherapy Set: Bath Bomb, Himalayan Bath Salt and Flowers

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Aromatherapy Sets – This set features a Bath Bomb, Himalayan Bath Salt, and charming Flower Petals, neatly packaged in an eco-friendly cardboard tube.

?? Bath Bomb Marvel: Infuse bath time with enchanting scents and vibrant colours, creating a spa-like experience that relaxes and moisturises the skin.

?? Himalayan Bath Salt Infusion: Offer your customers a touch of luxury with mineral-packed Himalayan Bath Salt, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.

?? Floral Elegance: Elevate the bath experience with carefully chosen dried flowers, adding natural beauty and a delightful aroma.

?? Retailer-Friendly Packaging: The eco-friendly cardboard tube preserves freshness, making it an attractive addition to in-store displays for an eye-catching retail experience.

a perfect blend of quality, aesthetics, and eco-conscious packaging. Ideal for both gifting and personal indulgence, this set promises a sensory journey for you.

Handmade - Made in the UK

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