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Ancient Wonders

Crystal Infused Glass Water Bottle

Crystal Infused Glass Water Bottle

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Crystal Style

Take advantage of the properties attributed to natural stones thanks to the new Wholesale Glass Water Bottles. Inside we put gemstone obelisks, angels or chips.

Choose from cleansing clear quartz, relaxing amethyst, rejuvenating rose quartz, invigorating red jasper or determined tiger's eye.

In most models, the stones are exposed directly to the surrounding water. 

The bottles have caps and bases made of stainless steel or bamboo. The crystal base can be easily unscrewed before washing.

  1. Packed in gift boxes
  2. Caps with handles (models with obelisks and angels)
  3. Food safe. We recommend using them only with water.
  4. With neoprene covers for insulation and protection.
  5. Dishwasher safe after unscrewing the crystal base. 
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