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Ancient Wonders

Banjara Ethno Tribal Smudge & Resin Cups

Banjara Ethno Tribal Smudge & Resin Cups

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Discover the aroma of pure resins and smudge, which have been produced by nearly every civilization since the Stone Age.
These exotic ethno-tribal smudge & resin cups can cleanse any space with their invigorating aroma, as well as purify the space and create a soothing ambience to relax and calm you or your guests, to rest and unwind while alleviating the pressures of the day.

The pure aromas combine to create a warm, sweet, and seductive concoction that will awaken your sensuality in preparation for a day of mystery and intimacy.

The soft cloudy smoke of Frankincense, Copal, White sage, Palo santo, Myrrh, and Dragon Blood strengthens your ties to nature's ascent to the heavens.

Handmade | Eco product | Ethically Sourced | Not tested on Animals

Each pack contains 6 Smudge Cups

Cup Size- Approx 3cm

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